A Family Company

It all started in the sixties when Mr. Trifonas Stabropoulos acquired land and founded "Agrícola Moroleón” in the valley of Culiacán, Sinaloa. He decided to start growing tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and bell peppers.

In 1996, his oldest son, Ioanis Stabropulos decided to change the company’s legal name to Valores Hortícolas del Pacífico (VALHPAC). At the beginning of its new operation, VALHPAC was only growing grains.

During this new stage, aside from grains, the company decided to continue growing fresh vegetables as they did before, starting its first season in 2001-2002. By that time, it was beefsteak vine ripe tomatoes its main product, growing a 100 hectare [247 acre] open field.

Today, Grecos is committed to grow world - class fresh produce by optimizing productivity, quality, and food safety standards. Bringing satisfaction and confidence to our clients.

Our Values

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